Expertise & experience


IPRA with new team

The unique combination of expertise by experience offered by IPRA creates a winning intermediary

The SPV’s will offer a diverse range of unique patented products and services; each SPV will be wholly owned by the new management, new investors team and IPRA holding company; each SPV will have a CEO responsible for the performance and development of each SPV reporting to the bord of directors. This model retains some of the obvious advantages of the venture funds, such as diversity and multiple opportunities to realise profits, whilst also providing a much higher ROI due to the structured outline of the organisation, coupled with deep domain knowledge of industrialization processes, engineering design, patent law and execution of quality production – the synergy of specialised leadership and common excellence prevailing in each SPV.
The economies of scale available by adopting the IPRA model are self evident, with the massive potential of reaping the rewards from the success of one or more of the SPV‘s. Any more than one successful SPV will mean that any Venture Fund ROI will be significantly surpassed.

Each investment is, of course, a risk; no previous success is a guarantee for future returns. The IPRA proposition, based on experience, covered R&D risk, network, factories and more is to minimise any ROI risk, thus increase earnings, and lessen administration, by starting out in a leaner, smarter way from the outset. IPRA possesses a dedicated team and the IPRA model, we believe is the first of its kind, and it represents the future.