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Wanted as entrepreneur and partner

Business developers, creative marketing and sales teams for brand new patented products.

If you are looking for new challenges and a once in a lifetime opportunity to start your own successful business, we can help you. Having unique, patented products in billion USD categories for the world market, with market demand needed for mankind, we have already prepared the business for you.

We are series inventors, entrepreneurs and engineers, who have developed, made, tested and are ready to start mass production of different products categories from diverse industries with huge global potential. The developed products are advanced but easily manufacturable, which the market has never seen before – technologies which we believe will be demanded by everyone when the market gets aware of their existence. The technologies were created and patented as a result of market needs.

Markets segments

The innovations in their related industries will aggregate a new and bigger market than the existing “similar” products in the market. Wherein, a new and bigger market includes diverse industrial fields, such as, interactive simulators, interactive 10-axes motion haptic devices, wellness, medicine, sport, military, police, business, health, school, college. Some of the products are especially needed today for home market, interactive industry having AR, VR, AI, gaming for learning, interactive TV entertainment and more. This market that so far has hitherto not existed is unimaginably huge within the segments that are further described in each patent’s category business plan, created and verified by worldwide available data.


The team possesses its own patents fostered in its own unicorn factory by dedicated teams of engineers and commercial specialists. Currently, one can identify 49 different patent projects and technically patentable solutions for many different industries; all will be vested in separate limited companies, wherein each will wholly own its technology. Each new company will be responsible for finalizing each project for the global market listed in drafted business plan for the new recipients

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