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IPRA, unlike most companies, possesses its own patents fostered in its own unicorn factory by IPRA’s dedicated team of engineers and commercial specialists. Currently, IPRA made, tested and is about to mass produce 5 unique out of 49 identify different patent projects for different industries; all will be vested in separate limited companies, which be each wholly owned subsidiaries of IPRA and will be responsible for finalizing each project taking them from a stage of final designing, mass production, certification to World-Wide marketing sale execution.
These independent patented solutions will, as a direct result of their creation, spawn new patents and technologies for a whole range of different industries, quite distinct from the original purpose. It is a characteristic of IPRA’s patented projects that their unique nature allows multiple market and uses to be exploited, over and above the original design purpose.

IPRA will be the main R&D company for all projects and act as mentor for all new subsidiaries within IPR law, patents applications, engineering design, mass production process, certification processes and participation in meetings with potential investors, business partners and factories

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IPR-Accelerator: info@g-sms.com